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Get it on Google Play Sorry, TicketZen for Android is limited to Boston for now.


Scan the barcode on this imaginary ticket with TicketZen: If prompted to select a city, pick Boston.

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Parking Ticket Parking Ticket


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Available in these cities Sorry, TicketZen for Android is limited to Boston for now.

CA Los Angeles
San Francisco
DC Washington D.C.
IL Chicago
MA Boston
NY New York City
PA State College

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"The city of Boston should thank @ticketzen. Decided it was easier to pay with my phone than waste my time fighting a bogus ticket." @tomboates
"@TicketZen The app was so easy to use, just scan the barcode, enter your card info and boom. Got email confirmation within seconds. #genius" @MJNovaria
"Get a lot of parking tickets like me? Download @TicketZen makes you want to get more ;) scan and pay your tickets" @nstata
"True partnerships! RT @TicketZen: How do Cities Support Disruptive Technology in Transportation? (cont) " @gabe_klein
"Got a parking ticket? There's an app for that! TY @TerribleLabs for developing @TicketZen! Enjoyed our discussion last night. #bospoli" @AyannaPressley
"Had heard of it before, but loved learning all about @TicketZen tonight at @TerribleLabs. Anyone w/ a car in #Boston should download it now." @HeyRatty
"@BostonNewTech pay your parking tickets with @TicketZen before you forget, nice job @cortlandt." @mark_haddad
"Just used @TicketZen for the 1st time. So easy and convenient. Suck it, late fees" @jeffisrael25

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TicketZen’s mobile parking ticket collections solution improves time to collection and collection rates for cities. Our patented mobile parking ticket payment technology allows citizens to instantly pay for parking tickets using their iPhone and Android devices.

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